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Dragons Blood, “Nature’s Botox”

To kick off our brand new blog, we decided to delve into dragons blood, the super star of our most popular line. By far our most interesting ingredient we use, not only for being named after a mythical creature.. but because it’s centuries old use and stunningly wide range of benefits are nothing short of magical. 


First things first, to clarify, dragons blood refers in general to the blood red sap of a few different trees. Used anywhere from incense, to dye, to skincare, depending on the source. Today we’ll focus on the dragons blood of the croton lechleri tree, the one used in skincare for centuries and centuries. 


Where does it come from? 


The croton lechleri is a tree native to northwestern South America, used now in skincare, but with a rich history as a traditional regional medicine. Its used not only as an internal medicine, but in a similar manner to a liquid bandaid and reducing the recovery time of skin conditions and abrasions. The sap is applied topically, straight from the tree on bites, cuts, burns, bruises, for fast healing and wound protection. Multiple scientific studies have been conducted to back its traditional use and to understand why it’s so effective as an anti bacterial, soothing, and healing agent. Its ability to create a protective bubble around the wound, as well as other healing mechanisms of the substance are currently being researched for its potential in treating everything from complex stomach issues like ulcers, to viral infections. 



How does this apply to skincare? 


It’s been said to soothe the itching, irritation and redness associated with eczema, acne, psoriasis, and rosacea, but its most common purpose in skincare is anti-aging and plumping. First and foremost, it’s heavily loaded with antioxidants to fend off free radicals and environmental aggressors. Another trait, and arguably the most impressive in terms of skincare application, is its ability to repair damaged connective tissue such as collagen, when combined with its plumping factor created by the protective bubble we discussed earlier. Proanthocyanidins are the compound responsible for the lifting and plumping effect. It’s believed to bind collagen fibers, in other words actually repair damaged collagen.. which is a rarity of natural ingredients. While many ingredients such as vitamin c, silica, and a plethora of others, can boost or trigger  the natural collagen production in skin, it’s far and few between to find one that can repair what’s already damaged. This same compound is responsible for stopping the break down of collagen as well. 



Anti inflammatory + Anti-Aging Connection 


Another important thing to consider, is that anti inflammatory properties are very important to a successful anti-aging routine. As we get older, the metabolism of our skin cells dramatically slow down. The constant enviromental assaults such as sun, harsh weather, pollution etc, start to take a toll and stack up. This isn’t even taking into account any internal factors that deeply affect our skin as well. As we get older, our skin begins to carry chronic low grade inflammation. In order for significant improvement in signs of aging, some of that resilience needs to be restored, and skin needs to recover in order to see a real difference from anti-aging products. That chronic cellular inflammation of our skin, starts to break down the connective tissue that lends to a youthful appearance of skin at a faster rate. In fact when it comes to skin, the terms anti-inflammatory and anti-aging are interchangeable in many cases. The healing process from dragons blood is particularly useful in anti-aging, because of its ability to begin to repair and boost lost collagen under its protective bubble for more significant results. 


What’s the catch?


  • Nothing is an actual miracle. With consistent use, you’re more likely to see noticeable results. However, nothing you apply topically will have dramatic or instantaneous results like surgery, so it’s important to have realistic expectations. This is not to say you will not see a visible difference in your skin with regular use over time, but don’t expect equal results to an actual face lift from any topically applied ingredient.  
  • Irresponsible harvesting of dragons blood from outside companies can have a dangerous impact in terms of protecting our rain forests and their inhabitants. We only use ethically and sustainably farmed and sourced dragons blood sap in our products. We recommend always making sure when buying any natural product, especially ones from environmentally sensitive areas, that they practice fair, sustainable and oppression free means of obtaining these ingredients. 


We hope you enjoyed the lengthy break down of our personal favorite, check back for our next blog post on the ever popular blue tansy, whose currently owning the current skincare scene.



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