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The gorgeous flowering tropical, even the person who fails at houseplants can grow.


In our first post celebrating the goal of living our most beautiful life, let's talk plants. They bring so much beauty and life to a space, while also functioning as natural air filters. There's a lot I can say about the benefits of houseplants, but most likely its all stuff you've already read. I’m guessing if you're here reading this, you've had your fair share of reading up and are just starting out with some new plants, or have had failed houseplant attempts already. So we're gonna cut to the chase, houseplants can be super intimidating, and are definitely a commitment.. but with the right understanding of where to place them and a few hacks, you can definitely keep this beauty alive. 



(yes you too, who refers to your house as the place where plants come to die)

So let's get started. Anthurium is iconic, a gorgeous minimalist flower with clean, striking lines and design by nature. It has a wow factor, and can be surprisingly hearty when treated right. 



I know I know, a flowering tropical like this, how can it be a good starter plant? Trust me ok, follow me here. 

The crucial points to keeping anthurium happy and healthy: 

  • When you're picking your new baby from the store, it's easy to go for the one with the big blooming flowers but it's important you look for one with buds. It's better to go for a plant with buds over one with big showy flowers because then you get to witness and experience the happiness of watching your new baby bloom. Make sure leaves are a good solid green, not yellowing, no black spots, no powdery white dust. Those are all signs of plant disease or it's needs not being met and we're not ready for plant rescues just yet.. you'll get there, I believe in you. 


  • When you get home and it's time to find it's spot, it's gonna need light, but not too much light. As in, behind a sheer curtain, or in a sunny room but on the opposite side of the window. Near a window, but not *in a window*. They do need light to grow, but also sunburn easily. Rainforest, filtered light, all that. No west facing windows, ok? Unless it's all the way across the room, no direct light.

  • Watering. The less light the plant gets, the less frequently it’ll need to get watered. The closer it is to a window, or the more direct light it gets, the more water it will need. Some people say to water it once a week, but a safer rule is to let the soil dry all the way in between watering.. as long as it's not sitting completely dried out for more than a day or two. Not many plants like their roots to be sopping wet for too long either, and this one is no exception.


  • If you over water it, it's ok.. move it to little bit brighter of a spot temporarily, until it uses some of that water up, as long as it's not direct light. Did I say that enough times yet?


  • If you live in a humid state, all the better! If not, it's ok.. set a daily timer on your phone for a time that you're almost always home, like when you wake up and when you go to bed. When you work misting the plant into part of your daily morning or bedtime routine, it's so much easier to remember! If you forget to mist the plant somedays, it's ok... the more regularly you mist it, th less it'll matter if you forget a day here and there


  • In terms of temperature, much like an infant, if you are comfortable, your anthurium is too. However, something I learned the hard way is that its important to keep it out of the way of air vents.  They can dry out really quickly if they are in the direct airflow path of a vent. 


  • Something I like to do with all my tropicals. When you water it, place it in the sink and let it drink up some water from the bottom and give it a more thorough spray than the day to day misting. I like to leave it there sitting in the sink for a while to soak up the humidity and refresh it. 

      • You won't need to repot it for a year or two, and by then I'll bet you're an expert. You can do it!! 


      Please please please, let me know if you decide to try, and when you do, let's see your photos of your babies! Leave us any questions or comments, we love to know what's on your mind. 


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