The Miami Glow/Doce Mel Name Change



Miami Glow Body oil started as a limited, seasonal summer product but rose to be our year round best seller across platforms. People loved it for its skin nourishing Brazilian fruit oils but it became a cult favorite for its uniquely luscious scent.


A warm, juicy, floral & complex melody of fragrance notes evoking an all natural tropical paradise. 

As our most popular product, we felt it needed a more thought out name, as it was only a temporary product once upon a time. What better time than our relaunch. After much deliberation we chose a name that better captures the essence of Beladoce, the scent, & our established brand identity. We love Miami but Beladoce is Southern California based! We wanted it to reflect that, alongside a name in Portuguese like the rest of our mainstay products past, present & future… since it’s grown to be our star product! 

Same scent, new name, new label.

Our signature scent inspired by Samba & the beauty of nature. Evokes tropical flowers, warm sun on skin, sparkling dew drops on tropical leaves, balmy breezes.

A luscious, feminine, juicy but nostalgic fragrance. Lush orchids and tropical petals perfectly blended with subtle notes of sea salt, warm golden sun on skin, rain soaked green tropical leaves, and a touch of citrus. 

top notes: sea salt, magnolia, hibiscus, ylang ylang, & plumeria

midnotes: orchid, lavender, jasmine, geranium , green leaves & shea butter

base notes: tonka, sandalwood, palm & jasmine


our best selling fragrance, now a true perfume experience. Our high quality fine perfume is high fragrance concentration with non-drying fruit alcohol for fragrance elevation of scent complexity & lasting scent wear. 

The beloved Miami Glow oil that started everything has also returned under the new name and namesake fragrance profile! 

(same universally flattering, subtle, light reflecting shimmer, same fragrance, higher quality base formula with increased virgin unfiltered Brazilian maracujá oil) 

a versatile, sheer golden bronze body oil to hydrate, soften, and perfect skin with a subtle, glowing dewy finish. Pure single source, wild harvested Brazilian maracujá oil blended with grape seed oil for high antioxidant content, fast absorbing emollient qualities and their naturally high vitamin A + C and content with a touch of phthalate free fine fragrance leave skin with the beautiful signature Beladoce Doce Mel Scent. 

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