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Creme Beladoce
Creme Beladoce
Creme Beladoce
Creme Beladoce
Creme Beladoce

Creme Beladoce

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Luxurious and fluffy daily moisturizer. Beladoce means beautiful and sweet in Portuguese. The smell, feel, and results of Creme Beladoce are true to the name. Ultimate skin comfort, rejuvenation & hydration. Treat your skin & senses.

Who is it for & how to use: Suitable for all skin types, for AM & PM daily use with any preferred routine. 

What’s in it & what does it do:

Pink Geranium: has been shown to be helpful for combating hormonally related skin issues. Calming & soothing with its wide array of amino acids, flavonoids and proteins that can help strengthen skin’s connective tissue. 

Pink Lotus: Known for its anti-aging properties, as well as being an excellent antioxidant to combat free radical & environmental damage. It’s also ultra rich in vitamin c, without the irritation from citrus that occurs for some people with ultra sensitive skin. 

Reishi Mushroom: A natural adoptogen, excellent for stress related skin issues, ultra healing & used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine. Natural sugars in Reishi are not only incredibly calming for skin, but can aid in binding moisture to the skin for longer lasting hydration. Vitamin D & B3 also found in Reishi can trigger the skin’s natural collagen production cycle. There are over 400 beneficial active compounds inside this amazing mushroom. 

Shiitake MushroomTopical shiitake is often used to fade hyperpigmentation and even skin tone, adding another layer of benefit to this very multi purpose, multi benefit cream. On top of the 8 amino acids found inside shiitake, its antioxidants helps prevent skin cell breakdown, and can help gently exfoliate by speeding up cellular renewal. 

 Ceramidesceramides are lipid molecules that help rebuild & strengthen the skin’s acid mantle or lipid layer, the skin’s natural buffer that can get damaged and weakened over time, with irritation, or with overly abrasive products. Ceramides are fatty acids, that help our skin stay hydrated long term. As ceramides can temporarily replace and rebuild the skin’s natural moisture barrier, it means that all the hydration we put on our skin will be held onto longer. This means softer, plumper, more moisturized skin for the long haul, the longer you use it. The ceramides in Creme Beladoce are plant based and vegan. 

CollagenAids in binding moisture, plumping, conditioning & softening skin in need of some TLC. Boost and strengthen skin’s elasticity. The collagen used in Creme Beladoce is completely plant based & vegan. Shown in multiple studies and clinical trials to have the exact same benefits as animal derived collagen, minus the environmental impact. 

Maracujá oil:  Otherwise known as passsion fruit, this oil is cold pressed from wild harvested Maracujá in Brazil. ultra rich in vitamin A & C, famed for its restorative qualities. 

Guava: ultra nourishing and soothing, naturally rich in lycopene. Lycopene is a powerful antioxidant that can also help protect against & combat environmental stressors on skin. Antioxidants are especially beneficial for those of us who live in bigger cities with a lot of pollution. Improves skin texture. It’s rich in vitamin A & beta carotene which means natural, gentle, non drying, non irritating retinol to hype up cellular renewal and production. It’s naturally anti microbial & astringent properties also help to keep skin clear, especially with these days with so many hours spent in masks. The Guava used in Creme Beladoce was wild harvested in Brazil. 

 Pure wild harvested açaí: An essential fatty acid powerhouse with omega-3, 6, and 9. Vitamin C & resveratrol, along with a slew of other antioxidants, this amazing little berry can help protect our skin against free radicals all day long. With its nutrient rich properties, it’s highly moisturizing, anti inflammatory, antibacterial, and can help restore & strengthen elasticity in skin. 

Muru muru butter: Sometimes called a “vegetable silicone” for its identical ability to seal & lock in moisture, and it’s smooth texture. Rich in vitamin A, C, and Omega-3,6,9, as well as being excellent source of antioxidants. Ultra soothing, amazing for sensitive skin. 

Andiroba (wild harvested): Effective in smoothing the appearance of wrinkles. Naturally occurring alpha-hydroxyl acids increase collagen in the skin. Anti-inflammatory from liminoid compound.

Often used to treat of a wide range of skin problems including eczema


Ingredients: distilled water, orange blossom water, maracujá (passionfruit oil), jojoba oil, andiroba oil, emulsifying wax, açaí, guava oil, cetyl alcohol, reishi, shiitake, pink lotus, pink geranium, murumuru butter, vegetable ceramides, vegetable collagen, urucum (annatto oil), leucidal liquid Max, cardamom extract 

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