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Agua Doce Liquid Gold Body Glow Oil

Agua Doce Liquid Gold Body Glow Oil

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Água Doce means sweet water in portuguese, and is a delectable gourmand fragrance honey drenched vanilla and caramel. A Beladoce signature fragrance, infused into a shimmering, skincare forward body oil. An ode to self love, and offering ourselves the same sweetness as we give to others. 

2 Oz. Glass dropper bottle shimmer body oil.

Jojoba oil, squalane, Brazilian buriti and other natural oils nourish skin with nutrient rich and moisture barrier rebuilding and strengthening linoleic acids. Squalane provides deep moisture while being incredibly lightweight. Our jojoba, squalane and buriti blend makes the perfect weight oil for daily use.

Água Doce glow oil is a highly pigmented, pure high flash gold sparkle, to match the most golden lingering moments of warm summer sunsets. Radiant golden hour and Beladoce sunkissed glow in every bottle. Our fresh and sweet, honey caramel original fragrance.

Água Doce's fragrance notes:

An exquisite and fragrant blend of honey, brown cane sugar, caramel, rich vanilla bean, fresh wild honeysuckle, gardenia. Experience the delectable aroma of honey, brown cane sugar, caramel, and rich vanilla bean, intertwined with fresh wild honeysuckle and gardenia

top notes including Doce de leite, caramel, gardenia, and tuberose

followed by mid notes of honey, sugar, ozone, neroli, citrus, amber, and rain.

base notes of rich vanilla, tonka bean, oud, chamomile, sandalwood, moss, and tobacco leaves. 


Body Glow Ingredients: jojoba, squalane, buriti, lab created conflict free mineral mica, phthalate/paraban free fragrance, jasmine oil

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