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Our Story

All natural, botanical and mineral skincare and artisan soap + candles, formulated by a licensed skin professional of 10 years. Wild Ingredients for wild hearts.

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Beladoce Botanicals was created in 2017 by Elena Marques, a seasoned skincare professional of over 10 years, and established life long painter, and artist. After struggling with her own skin sensitivities for the majority of her life, she originally set out to create a facial soap that would not only address occasional eczema patches, but with occasional breakouts. Most products for acne can irriate eczema, and many eczema products can cause breakouts and she felt this gap needed to be addressed.  After so much career experience in the industry, she knew exactly what minerals and ingredients were needed to attain to this. She set out on a research mission to find mineral rich herbs, and from that came the first soap. Her skin responded so well to it that she posted it for sale among friends and acquaintances. Because of its quick popularity and positive feedback of the relief it provided, she kept pushing forward trying to create natural solutions to other common skin concerns everyday people like her struggled with. From there Beladoce Botanicals came to life as a culmination of all her skincare experience and artistry... to bring art and accessibility to routine beauty rituals, from crystal soaps to clean, botanical skincare with beautiful presentation, made with wild ingredients for wild hearts. It's a firm belief that pure and clean skincare that's effective and luxurious, should be accessible to all, and that we all deserve to feel comfortable in our skin without being sold any extra insecurities. Beladoce holds one simple mantra dear, love thy skin.