Our Brand Values

A message about our Beladoce Botanicals Brand values.. delicious, conscious, ethical + sustainable

As a small batch, natural skincare company whose entire concept is built around botanicals from environmentally sensitive areas in South America, particularly the Brazilian Amazon , we have always prioritized verifiably ethical & sustainable sourcing.

We are proud of the steadfast ethics in our bare minimum, person to person, small business to small business fair trade supply chain. We work with  other Brazilian & Latino suppliers that are small businesses with values that match ours and purchase from South American communities fairly and without exploitation.

The botanicals we purchase from our main supplier are mostly from the Amazon region of Brazil. Our supplier buys at the vendor’s set market prices and are pesticide free, non timber, sustainably + ethically farmed & wild harvested by locals with care… in respect to Amazon communities, the earth, and humankind.

+ This is also the reason we use lab created mica in our signature Beladoce Doce Mel (formerly Miami glow) Shimmer oil. The majority of naturally mined cosmetic mica comes from overseas and often mined using child labor. The issue with natural mica is that the supply chain is nearly impossible to trace. This means there's no way to guarantee that it was ethically obtained, while lab created mica is traceable and conflict free.


Every month, a portion of all sales are donated to autonomous & tribally backed Brazilian Amazon Preservation & Indigenous rights organizations.