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The Blue Velvet Serum

The Blue Velvet Serum

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The blue velvet serum is a treatment for day or night, excellent for dry or sensitive skin to support anti aging. Can be used alone, or underneath a moisturizer for deeper hydration. No added dye or fragrance. 


The luxurious deep color of the blue velvet serum comes from the much revered blue tansy, otherwise known as Moroccan chamomile. It’s royal blue color comes from the steam distillation process, and is completely natural. Blue tansy has a subtle, sweet subtle floral and herbal scent that doesn’t overwhelm. It’s potent antioxidants and ability to calm and deeply hydrate dry, sensitive, delicate or angry skin are what make it such a stellar ingredient. It’s cooling, calming, and highly moisturizing properties make it an excellent front line against signs of aging, especially on fragile skin. 


Fast absorbing, olive based squalane is highly emollient without being greasy, and provides an extra antioxidant boost to help fend off free radicals and environmental aggressors.  Squalane is a natural substance found in our own bodies, but as we age, its concentrations may decrease. Although it’s plant based, it’s molecular structure is very close to the skin’s own, which means it penetrates deeply (while being non comedogenic) where it can work at cellular level. 

 ingredients: squalane, blue tansy oil, jasmine oil


* all ingredients are natural which means they can vary in color tone and intensity. Cobalt blue, teal, to dark green are all very normal color ranges for blue velvet serum and do not indicate freshness of product. This is a result of varying degrees of intensity of yellow base oils & the depth of the blue in natural blue tansy oil. 

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