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Água Doce Shimmer Hair & Body perfume (eau de toilette)

Água Doce Shimmer Hair & Body perfume (eau de toilette)

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A full size shimmer infused, small batch eau de toilette perfume spray for hair and body. Sparkling gold fine shimmer. Our fresh and sweet, honey caramel original fragrance


Top notes:

Doce de leite, caramel, gardenia, tuberose


Mid Notes:

Honey, sugar, ozone, neroli, citrus, amber, rain


Base Notes:

vanilla, tonka bean, oud, chamomile, sandalwood, moss, tobacco leaves


sweet & rich doce de leite, caramel, & honey in a unique balance between sugary gourmand notes and wet tropical flowers and lush rain 

Gourmand caramel & honey meets a twist with fresh rain, honeysuckle, and gardenia


3.4 oz frosted glass spray with gold cap, fine mist spray

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