Maracujá oil (what is it + benefits)

Beladoce Botanicals. What is Maracujá


What is maracujá?

Maracujá is Brazilian passionfruit! Passionflower/fruit is a shallow rooted vine type plant that grows in warm, tropical climates. Also known for its iconic, unique passionflower. Passionfruit of the passionflower is an antioxidant rich superfood. It also contains a compound called passiflorin, known to reduce anxiety and stress.


Its oil contains the aromatic substance passiflorin and is rich in a very important compound in aiding skin build ceramides, linoleic acid. This means it’s great for helping skin repair and rebuild the natural lipid barrier layer, as well as quite anti inflammatory.


The oil is also highly antioxidant rich! This helps defend our skin against environmental free radical damage, as well as promote cellular renewal because of its naturally occurring high vitamin A + C content.


 Beladoce Botanicals. What are the benefits of maracujá (brazilian passionfruit) in skincare?

Benefits of maracujá oil in skincare:

•Ultra skin hydrating, moisture that penetrates... not too light, not too greasy

•Nourishes skin beyond just hydration with essential fatty acids & anti inflammatory properties that make it ideal for sensitive skin

•Antioxidant rich with vitamin C + A  that

brighten skin & fight aging/ environmental free radicals

Beladoce Botanicals. Where does the maracujá (brazilian passionfruit) we use in our skincare come from?


Where does the maracujá oil we use come from?

We purchase our maracujá oil through another Brazilian owned small business who purchases it in the Amazonas region of Brasil 🇧🇷.  single source origin, wild harvested or community farmed & freshly cold pressed maracujá oil, purchased for farmer’s set market price.

•Ethically + sustainably wild harvested and sourced

•Minimal + small business to small business supply chain start to finish

collage of Beladoce Botanicals Doce Mel shimmer glow oil made with sustainable wild harvested Brazilian passionfruit (maracujá)

Find it in these Beladoce products

  • Beijinho de Mel luxe lip oil
  • Doce Mel Shimmer oil (formerly Miami glow oil)


Our Maracujá body oil, Doce Mel Shimmer Oil

It may be tropical, but it’s perfect for replenishing skin year round


Perfect self care gift for pampering besties & oneself


A little shimmer to help you sparkle through the holiday season


Moisture locking + nutritious & hydrating for dry winter skin