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As Águas Sagradas Fragrance Set

As Águas Sagradas Fragrance Set

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Our two beautiful fragrance dedications to the beauty and power that water holds over our senses and daily lives. Set contains both sweet water and salt water inspired hair and body perfumes. Both contain shimmer inspired by the reflection of sacred waters themselves. 

Rainha do Mar means queen of the sea in Portuguese, and is a clean, oceanic and watery tropical white floral. Evoking the beauty of the ocean, soft and calming for the senses. Can be used on hair and body. 

Mermaid inspired chromatic iridescent pearl and blue flash fine shimmer

notes of sea salt, white rose, gardenia, tuberose, eucalyptus, lavender, jasmine and driftwood.

Água Doce means sweet water and evokes the honey like sweet moments of life. Our golden warm and sweet, honey caramel original fragrance. 

Sparkling gold fine shimmer.

Notes of sweet & rich doce de leite, caramel, & honey in a unique balance between sugary gourmand notes and wet tropical flowers and lush rain, dew covered honeysuckle and gardenia. 

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