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Conforta Amazon Plant Face Butter

Conforta Amazon Plant Face Butter

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1 oz glass jar. Formulated with no fragrance or filler oils for sensitive facial skin or any other dry sensitive areas of skin. Made with pure Amazon plant ingredients to deeply hydrate, repair skin’s lipid moisture, and seal in hydration. Ideal when used after our Dragão Toner! Very little goes a long way and goes on with easy application, especially over the Dragão toner. Conforta butter works on top to seal in the hydration and water based nutrients! 


açaí oil: nourishes and protects skin with vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and an incredible amount of antioxidants. Natural açaí oil is very very dark green, and what gives our plant butter it’s yellow green hue. 

Pataua oil: this fruit of a native Brazilian palm has anti inflammatory and anti aging properties that can help improve texture and deeply moisturize 

Maracujá (Brazilian passionfruit) oil: extremely high in beta carotene, a sensitive skin friendly all natural vitamin A that your skin converts to retinol for firmer and smoother skin 

Cupuaçu butter: helps repair lipid layer and lock in hydration. Essential fatty acids to nourish skin 

Dragons Blood sap: the same incredibly collagen boosting, skin calming sap from the croton lechleri tree in the Peruvian Amazon, that is found in our dragão toner 

ingredients: passionfruit oil, açaí oil, pataua oil, cupuaçu butter, dragons blood (croton lechleri)

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