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Doce Mel Vacation set

Doce Mel Vacation set

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Ready for travel Doce Mel duo. Our signature fragrance in an adorable to go package. Limited amount for the spring season. 

1 oz Doce Mel Shimmer Oil in limited edition pink/gold bottle: a versatile, sheer golden bronze body oil to hydrate, soften, and perfect skin with a subtle, glowing dewy finish. Pure single source, wild harvested Brazilian maracujá oil blended with grape seed oil for high antioxidant content, fast absorbing emollient qualities and their naturally high vitamin A + C and content with a touch of phthalate free fine fragrance leave skin with the beautiful signature Doce Mel Scent 

10 ML Doce Mel signature fragrance travel spray: Brazilian paradise in a perfume. Our signature scent of the original cult fav Miami Glow (now named Doce Mel), inspired by the beauty of nature & the joy of samba. 

The fragrance: a luscious, feminine, juicy but nostalgic fragrance. Lush orchids and tropical petals perfectly blended with subtle notes of sea salt, warm golden sun on skin, rain soaked green tropical leaves, and a touch of citrus. 

The Brazilian/Amazon plant ingredients used in our skincare are from wild harvested fruit grown pesticide free in the rainforest, which means sustainable and non timber product… no wood or tree chopping required. Completely ethical + sustainably supply chain, our supplier always purchases at the Brazilian farmer and vendor’s set market rate, to ensure all parties are paid fairly in full. 

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