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Ltd. Rainha Do Mar Body Glow + Travel Perfume set

Ltd. Rainha Do Mar Body Glow + Travel Perfume set

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The perfect pair for lovers of our classic signature Rainha do Mar scent. Full size 2 oz. ultra pigmented iridescent, skin care based body oil in Rainha do Mar scent, and limited summer edition 10 ML travel spray of Rainha do Mar perfume. 

Rainha do Mar means queen of the sea in Portuguese, and is a clean, oceanic and watery tropical white floral. Evoking the beauty of the ocean, soft and calming for the senses. 

Jojoba oil, squalane, Brazilian buriti and other natural oils nourish skin with nutrient rich and moisture barrier rebuilding and strengthening linoleic acids. Squalane provides deep moisture while being incredibly lightweight. Our jojoba, squalane and buriti blend makes the perfect weight oil for daily use. Ultra pigmented, mermaid and glimmering ocean wave inspired chromatic iridescent pearl and blue flash fine shimmer. Inspired by the gentle break of the waves and glimmering reflection  of sunlight dancing on the sea.

Our most clean and calm fragrance. Evokes gentle ocean waves lapping against the boat, the salty cool breeze caressing your skin, and the serene feeling of peace and tranquility washing over you. That magic moment is bottled with notes of watery white florals like gardenia and tuberose, soft white roses, gentle Brazilian lavender water, and driftwood. Our fragrances are always paraban and phthalate free.

notes of sea salt, white rose, gardenia, tuberose, eucalyptus, lavender, jasmine and driftwood.


Body Glow Ingredients: jojoba, squalane, buriti, lab created conflict free mineral mica, phthalate/paraban free fragrance, jasmine oil, rose oil, mint oil

travel friendly 10 ML mini glass spray. 

Perfume ingredients: fruit sugar alcohol, paraban/phthalate free fragrance, jasmine oil, rose oil, mint oil, trace amount of conflict free lab created shimmer (for color -not a shimmer perfume formula)





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