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Doce Mel Glow Oil

Doce Mel Glow Oil

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A versatile, sheer golden bronze body oil to hydrate, soften, and perfect skin with a subtle, glowing dewy finish. Pure single source, wild harvested Brazilian maracujá oil, and grape seed oil for high antioxidant content, fast absorbing emollient qualities and their naturally high vitamin A + C and content with a touch of phthalate free fine fragrance leave skin with the beautiful signature Doce Mel Scent 

Our fan favorite scent and accoladed product, blended to capture the essence of beach days, balmy fragrant breezes, sun and sand on skin, in a tropical paradise. Notes of blooming lush Brazilian orchids, jasmine, tropical flowers, palm, and shea blend harmoniously to linger and warm on skin all day, evoking memories of vacation days and carefree moments.

Skin and body care benefits of Brazilian maracujá oil:

Maracujá is Brazilian passionfruit! Passionflower/fruit is a shallow rooted vine type plant that grows in warm, tropical climates. Also known for its iconic, unique passionflower. Passionfruit of the passionflower is an antioxidant rich superfood. It also contains a compound called passiflorin, known to reduce anxiety and stress.

Its oil contains the aromatic substance passiflorin and is rich in a very important compound in aiding skin build ceramides, linoleic acid. This means it’s great for helping skin repair and rebuild the natural lipid barrier layer, as well as quite anti inflammatory.

The oil is also highly antioxidant rich! This helps defend our skin against environmental free radical damage, as well as promote cellular renewal because of its naturally occurring high vitamin A + C content.

2 oz glass dropper bottle

maracuja (Brazilian passionfruit) oil, grapeseed oil, jasmine, phthalate free Fragrance, conflict free lab created mica 

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