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Água Amazônica

Água Amazônica

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A true natural perfume. A creamy, complex, sultry and hypnotic floral fragrance, complimented with subtle and sophisticated green and woody notes. Made with wild harvested Brazilian botanical & floral extracts in non drying sugar derived alcohol. 

Our Beladoce take on a traditional água de florida, made with pure, sustainable Brazilian Amazon jasmine, fragrance world revered tonka (Cumaru seed), and breu branco resin, “Brazilian Frankincense”.

Single source origin, ethically harvested rainforest botanicals, distilled for fragrance in small batches by Beladoce in San Diego.   

Ethically made with 100%  plant botanicals and ingredients that also hold traditional energy cleansing uses. 

Ingredients: sugar derived alcohol, jasmine, tonka, breu branco, bergamot, rose, rue, cinnamon, lime, orange, rosemary


3.4 oz frosted glass spray bottle 

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