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Banho Amazonica Salt + Coco Milk Aromatic Botanical Bath

Banho Amazonica Salt + Coco Milk Aromatic Botanical Bath

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 All natural hypnotic, creamy, botanical floral fragrance, therapeutic himalayan pink salt, sea salt, and cleansing botanicals like Brazilian breu branco and rue. 

Luxurious bath soak nourishes the skin and senses. Salts and botanicals are blended with cooling, calming, skin softening coconut milk. 10 oz of product in resealable package.

Infused with our Água Ámazonica wild harvested, Brazilian Botanical blend of herbal and floral essences. Our Beladoce take on a traditional água de florida, made with pure, sustainable Brazilian Amazon jasmine, fragrance world revered tonka (Cumaru seed), acai, pataua, and breu branco resin, “Brazilian Frankincense”.

Acai and pataua are traditionally used for beautifying skin and hair among many other uses! Excellent for even skin tone, deep hydration for more balanced skin, texture, firming and anti-aging. Take the left over from your hands and rub it into dry hair ends for a healthier shine. Wild harvested in the Brazilian state of Amazonas.

Cumaru seed, known in the beauty world as Tonka bean, is a very unique ingredient that has gained popularity in the industry for its unique fragrance and versatile properties. Derived from the seeds of the Dipteryx odorata tree of the Brazilian Amazon. Tonka bean offers a rich and warm aroma that adds depth and complexity to fragrances. It has become a world revered fragrance note for its unique, depth, and creamy vanilla-almond like warmth.

Breu Branco AKA Brazilian Frankincense is the copal/ resin of the Amazonian Proteum heptaphyllum (Breuzinho) tree found in the heart of the Amazon rainforest. Its distinct scent is both calming and uplifting, commonly used in Brazilian fragrances. Conveniently, it also keeps insects away. Also known in Brazil for its spiritual and ceremonial purposes, therapeutic properties and rich cultural history. Often used for smoke cleansing, similar to white sage and palo santo that are becoming endangered due to western over harvesting. Breu Branco is an environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative. Said to enhance clarity, manifestation, focus and protection when used spiritually.

Single source origin, ethically harvested rainforest botanicals, distilled for fragrance in small batches by Beladoce in San Diego.   

Ethically made with 100%  plant botanicals and ingredients that also hold traditional energy cleansing uses. 


Ingredients: sea salt, pink salt, coconut milk, jasmine, tonka, breu branco, bergamot, acai oil, pataua oil, rose, rue, cinnamon, lime, orange, rosemary, basil, mint, mineral mica shimmer, corn starch, tapioca, gum acacia

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